Greenwall Construction

Sustainable, efficient and beautiful greenwalls are practical solution in Ireland for eco-friendly retaining walls.

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Greenwalls are an innovative, eco-friendly solution for building retaining walls, stabilising slopes, and controlling erosion. As an engineered green alternative, they provide engineers, architects, contractors, and homeowners in Ireland with a sustainable option for enhancing green infrastructure in their projects. Greenwalls contribute to increasing Ireland’s biodiversity and complement the local environment, making them a valuable addition to both urban and rural landscapes.

Datum’s greenwall construction utilise a vegetated reinforced earth slope system, designed for slope angles up to 80 degrees. This advanced system includes a sacrificial folded mesh formwork and biodegradable coir matting on the face, reinforced with geogrid to ensure structural stability. During installation, a layer of seeded topsoil is placed behind the coir matting, promoting vegetation growth on the surface of the reinforced slope.

Greenwall Construction Stages

Castletreasure Housing Development - Greenwalls 2
Efficient soil retaining walls up to 9m high, finished with a wildflower seeding face for Cairn Homes development.

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