ICF Construction

Maximising Energy Efficiency With ICF Building​

At Datum BCE, we are dedicated to leveraging modern methods of  construction that deliver substantial benefits to our clients. We specialise in ICF construction, a method that is acclaimed for its ability to minimise energy usage over the building’s lifetime. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our focus on delivering projects with precision and efficiency, ensuring that every solution we provide is not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Our experienced team is adept at ensuring the efficient delivery of every ICF project, maintaining continuous progression and prioritising effective problem-solving at every stage. Any challenges are met with swift and proactive solutions. With Datum BCE as your construction partner, you can expect a seamless process, timely completion, and outstanding quality, backed by the expertise to ensure your project is delivered.

What is ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF is originally a Scandinavian construction technique that is now being widely adapted in Ireland and the UK. It generally involves light, premade forms that fit together as large interlocking blocks.

These forms are held together by high strength frames, and into this cavity, liquid concrete is then poured. By eliminating even the tiniest, unseen gaps that can occur in conventional block-work construction, you are ensuring an exceptionally high standard of airtightness, virtually eliminating thermal bridging.

Cluain Dara Residential Development

The main building contractor, Capcon Building, required the skills of experienced ICF installation teams to deliver best-in-class, A-rated homes.

Latest ICF Building Projects